What’s Bugging YOU?

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) (AKA your doctor doesn’t know diddley-squat about why you keep running to the bathroom … or not)
  • Migraines (which give you stress trying to head them off, and stress gives you migraines … your brain INFLAMED)
  • Fibromyalgia (you hurt and are INFLAMED all over … and most treatments don’t help)
  • Autoimmune Problems (standard treatments may make them worse, and for many the root cause is IBS and INFLAMMATION)
  • Fatigue (there’s no treatment I know for it, and it can be caused by IBS and INFLAMMATION)
  • Joint Pain (if that’s not INFLAMMATION I don’t know what is)
  • Mood Disorders (many are caused by INFLAMMATION)
  • Skin Issues (your biggest organ signaling you that something’s INFLAMED in your immune system, and topical treatments are iffy) 

It’s all about INFLAMMATION …

Research has shown that INFLAMMATION is the root cause of … Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer Hypertension, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, High Cholesterol, and more IBS, which causes the most doctor’s visits in the U.S. Autoimmune Problems such as Hashimoto’s, Lupus, and Lyme … so why wouldn’t you want to eliminate it?  

Irritable Bowel Syndrome …

I no longer have to feel embarrassed about rushing to the bathroom on a date. I no longer feel uncomfortable in my own skin because I’m so bloated. I no longer refuse to eat because I don’t fear that I will get sick afterwards. I haven’t felt as good as I do now in years.

Adrian W.

My gas, bloating, and bathroom problems magically vanished the very first day that I began the FOODStrong program.

Betty Y.

I no longer experience the nausea, vomiting or stomach pains that used to be common. I am feeling much better now! Thank you, Jill!

Laura M.

I don't carry fiber bottles in my purse and the word ‘laxative’ belongs in the past. Jill walked with me every step of the way, explaining how to move forward and how to apply my new diet in my daily life with practical advice. Since the beginning, she has always been supportive, available and kind. I will be forever grateful to her for giving me my life back.

Monica B.

Picture This …

  • The doctor tells you that you’re the one or two people he knows that are gloriously healthy (and you’re 75!)
  • You move easily without pain; you’re even taking a belly dance class (at 80!)
  • Food is a joy; you know what to eat that makes you feel good (no bloating involved!)
  • You’re chronic-disease free (and you’re 90!)
  • You have an overwhelming feeling of well-being (at 99!)

Skin Issues …

I am now nearly rash-free, and I’m able to keep my dermatitis almost completely in check by means of controlling what foods I eat.

Jim A.

Within four weeks, my skin was 75% better.

Beth K.


It’s a Month- or Six-Month-Long Food Program that includes … LEAP MRT food sensitivity testing of 170 foods An elimination diet based upon your unique results Lots of tools to get you started and stay on track One-to-one personal coaching by a Registered Dietitian with 25 years of experience in Alternative Medicine Two plans and an add-on to suit every budget …  


$1350 OR 3 payments of $480 ($1695 value)


$3000 OR 3 payments of $1000 ($4400 [BEST] value)


$2000 Local $3000 U.S. (Priceless!) 

  • LEAP Mediator Release Testing (MRT) of 170 foods and food chemicals (blood draw not included) ($695 value)
  • FedEx Overnight Shipping
  • Personalized Results and Get-Started Guide ($100 value)
  • 90-minute Test Analysis Includes 4-day menu plan, food preparation ideas, recipe suggestions, and restaurant guide ($200 value) 
  • Take Pictures of What You Eat and Comment on them with Fabulous Phone App ($200 value)
  • 30-Day Service Includes Two Extra 50-minute Sessions ($200 value)
  • Weekly Phone or Video Sessions ($100 value)
  • Chat Support ($100 value)
  • Supplement Suggestions ($100 value)



  • All Plain Services ($1695 value)


  • Individualized Meta-Analysis of Results ($500 value)
  • 6-Month Fancy Service Includes Three Extra 50-Minute Sessions ($300 value) 
  • Virtual Pantry Review and Clean-Out ($200 value)
  • Virtual Supermarket Tour ($200 value)
  • Virtual Cooking Lesson ($200 value)
  • Virtual Dining Out FOODStrong ($200 value)
  • Weekly Phone or Virtual Check-Ins For Six Months ($500 value)
  • Unlimited Chat Support ($500 value)
  • Blood Draw Fee ($50-$100 value)


  • Add-on to either PLAIN or FANCY

VIP Day including In-Person:

  • Pantry Clean-Up and Restock
  • Shopping Excursion
  • Cooking Lesson
  • Candlelight Dinner at your favorite restaurant
  • Dietitian Jill’s presence, wit, and encouragement


Here’s how it works:

Click the button for the payment option of your choice above and you’ll be directed to my virtual practice to pay with whatever credit card you’d like.

Schedule ONLY your FOODStrong ORIENTATION SESSION with me at that time right on my Healthie virtual practice platform. If you'd like to schedule a "Gourmet" session ... that's a whole day add-on to the "Plain" or "Fancy" plans with me either locally ($2000) or anywhere in the U.S. ($3000) ... that we'll schedule together during our orientation.

You’ll then get a welcome email from me with detailed information on how to start on your “FOODStrong” journey.

Not sure which is right for you?

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More RAVES for MRT and FOODStrong …

Asthma …

My six year-old with asthma, eczema, joint and belly pain was able to stop some of his oral asthma and allergy medications after one month as his asthma had significantly improved. His belly and joint pain resolved quickly, and we could reduce the use of eczema cream.

Susan H.

I’ve done the LEAP program for a month now, and my asthma is much better!

Jane C.

Diabetes …

I feel the best I’ve felt in 25 years; I’ve lost 35 pounds, and my A1C (test for blood sugar) is down to 6.2 (almost normal) down 3.9 points (very poor blood sugar control) in 3 months.

Sam Y.

In January, my A1C was 13.9 (very poor blood sugar control) and my blood glucose was often over 300 (yeow!). Last week after my visit to the doctor, my A1C was 6.3 (almost normal) and my fasting blood sugar was 102! (normal) My lipid panel is also perfect!

Maribel R.

Pain …

I realized that things were feeling strangely (and wonderfully quiet) under my skin. … I recognized an absence of constant buzzy pain, that was almost un-noticed until it wasn’t there. Wow … what a beautiful feeling! On Day 10 (of MRT), because I was feeling considerably better, I was able to put on my coat and close the car door without tears coming to my eyes.

Sandra S.

Reduced Inflammation! Blood Sugars under Control! Relief from Pain, Asthma, Eczema, Joint, and Digestive Problems! So what are you waiting for? 

Not sure which is right for you?

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